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Whether you use your tablet for work or for leisure, it's no doubt a device you use often. So when your tablet stops working properly, you need a reliable team to get it fixed in a hurry. And that's where we come in. At Tapeworm Repairs we offer tablet repair services for customers in Atlanta, GA. fast and dependable.

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At Tapeworm repairs, we work hard to offer the quick and efficient repairs you deserve. We understand that being without your tablet means missing out on work-related opportunities or just plain being inconvenienced. When you call us for help, we'll respond to your inquiry in a timely fashion so you're not left hanging. And we keep our tablet repair rates affordable without skimping on quality or service. If your tablet is on the fritz, don't give up hope. Call us now for more information about our tablet repair services or to schedule an appointment. During the course of repair, all due diligent effort and care will be used to discharge our professional repair duties on the smart device . However, due to the intricate structure design of the smart device’s body and its back cover, the metal back structure curvature, side trimming might have some minute changes during the process of removal from the device body. This at most times is unavoidable. Please note that under normal conditions, smart devices will have the pre-existing conditions like the normal wear and tear signs. Some units might have more apparent physical dents, warps, scratches even cracks. We will make note of these areas to you prior to doing repairs. It is your responsibility to advise Tapeworm Repairs of the exact condition of the phone such as speaker and camera etc. You must state clearly the exact fault with the smart device. Tapeworm Repairs will follow the clients instructions for repair of specific faults or parts and we will not be responsible for any unreported/pre-existing faults prior to the repair work. Our professional techs will do their best to ensure all devices worked on stay close to the original shape and design as when submitted for repair. By submitting your smart device for repair, you agree that you will not blame, accuse or hold Tapeworm Repairs, it’s management and employees in fault for any variation on the casing, cosmetic appearance or other areas not in for repair.

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Monday - Saturday: 10:00am - 7:00pm

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Tapeworm Repairs

Tapeworm Cellphone Repair started out as Atlanta Metro Marketing in 2001. we began by selling cell phone service and performing computer repairs for resident and businesses. For companies such as Air Touch, Bellsouth and Sprint. We always remained a place to fix minor repairs.

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Phone: +404-982-4225

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